The Artist 


I was born in Sheffield and lived there until moving to the beautiful Hope Valley, Derbyshire 10+ years ago.  This is where my main studio is based.  You can also occasionally find me and my pop-up studio in the picturesque fishing village of Staithes, North Yorkshire.  


When I first started painting I was simply using the kitchen table.  Unpacking and repacking my materials every day to make way for family and life.  I then moved my small easel and box of paints into a corner behind the washing machine in the outhouse.  This is where the name, “Corner Studio” came from.  As time went on the painting started to take over and I gradually expanded my working area, until finally filling the outhouse!  A little work, a lick of paint and a good heater means this is now a place where I can also show my work to visitors.  


The British weather has enthralled me throughout life.  It’s sheer variation.  I would point out changes in the sky, but no-one really understood what I was describing.  In the same way I love to watch the sea, the calm lapping waves washing over sand or the booming stormy waters, hitting the land; sending white foam high into the sky.  I am drawn to the horizon, whether it be over land or out over the sea.  That dependable line, where the sea and sky seem to meet in an array of mood and colour.  I tried writing poetry as a way of expressing all that I saw.  Unfortunately, this led to further frustration, but I still wanted to share the images I captured in my mind and so, I turned to painting.  

I hope that my paintings reflect a little piece of me as well as the scene I am creating.  

With my seascapes I want to give the feeling of being drawn into the painting, just as I am drawn to the sea.  

When creating my landscapes I want to share the passion I have of walking over moors, hills and mountains.  The sense of possibilities to come, the thrill of the elements and delight in the many colours and textures of nature.  


Although I take many photographs of the sea, sky and horizons I almost never work directly from a photograph.  I much prefer to work from images which have formed over time in my mind or from a feeling that I have.  A new work will often start from just knowing what size canvas I want to use and the colour palette.  The paintings then take on their own form.

Oil paints are my favourite medium to work with.  I love its buttery texture as it spreads across a canvas.  I work mostly using palette knives, but I also use brushes, old clothes, shirts and even sandpaper! 

A painting can go through many stages in its development.  Paint is applied, taken off, layer up, more paint applied, rubbed in, stamped in or brushed out with turpentine.  It can be a lengthy process to the end result, but one which I adore exploring.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me.  I am always thrilled to show my paintings at art fairs and exhibitions and happy to chat about any pieces of my work.  

The Seagull Gallery, Filey

12 John Street 

Filey North Yorkshire 

YO14 9DQ

Current/ Up & Coming Exhibitions 

Spot on the Wall - The Station, Richmond - 3 December - 26 January 2021

Whitby Art Fair, The Pavillion - Friday 24 - Sunday 26 June 2022

Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage - September 2022

Past Exhibitions

Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage - September 2019

High Peak Bookstore, Buxton - August 2019

Inspired by Gallery, Danby (miniatures) - April 2019

Gallery in a Shed, Buxton - October 2018